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General-purpose cyanoacrylate 401. Fast drying, extra strong, low viscosity, specially formulated for adhesion between materials that can even have an acidic surface. Can be used with rubber, leather, wood, metal, resin and plastic.

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“Wolverine” is a white glue of high quality and high resistance with drying accelerator.

With all the properties of white glue and faster drying.

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Special cyanoacrylate 380 formulated with rubber particles to add flexibility to the joints. Extra strong, low viscosity, with a special formulation for metals, rubber and plastics.

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Λεπτόρρευστη Υγρή Κόλλα Μοντελισμού Modelfix Με Πινέλο 30ml

Παχύρρευστη - αργή Υγρή Κόλλα μοντελισμού Modelfix με πινέλο

Model Filler 31ml Tube

A thin clear varnish that goes on clear and stays clear. Humbrol Clear drys to a low gloss finish, a higher gloss finish can be achieved by applying further thin coats.

Enamel paint from Humbrol. Humbrol has been the modellers standard for decades.

Humbrol Clear Satin - 125ml  AC7435 

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Decalfix - fix those decals and transfers permanently and easily with Decalfix - it even helps mould the decal into cracks and crevices

Enamel Thinners 125ml


Κόλλα μοντελισμού - H Quick Cement είναι πολυ γρήγορη και ισχυρή κόλλα.


Κόλλα μοντελισμού από την Humbrol με βελόνα για περισσότερη ακρίβεια στην κόλληση.

Modeling glue from Humbrol with relatively slow drying time.

Υγρή Κόλλα Μοντελισμού Humbrol Με Πινέλο 12ml Liquid Poly

Thinner for enamel paints 500cc

Real Color Thinner 400ml

Eιδικό thinner της AK-Interactive για τα χρωματα της σειρας REAL COLOR

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