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Airbrush Holder BD-15


Enamel paint from Humbrol. Humbrol has been the modellers standard for decades.


Hobby Cutter


Spatoula No6


13pc Precision Knife Set with special case.


Pin Vise HD-412

Micro Twist Drill Bit Set of 20 pcs 0.3-1.6mm

Blades SX06TS-10 10 TEM BLISTER

Started basic tool set. Includes cutter with 6 blades, side cutter, tweezer and file

Blades No11 Set of 10

Set of 5 pcs High quality sandpaper for wet sanding hand-work (800,1000,1200,1500,2000)

Τhe #1 or K1 light duty knife is used for precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, plastic, wood, cloth, and film.

Precision cutting pliers with an ergonomic handle covered with an orange non-slip vinyl foam, with a spring return.

They make a clean and precise cut. No need to touch up. Suitable for parts or rods of plastic, PVC, resin or ABS less than 4mm.

Do not use to cut metal parts.

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Excalibur SX-1 cutter /w spatoula

Cutter with 2 blades