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Chrysler Commander's Cupola For Early M48 /W M2 Browning, 

1 RIwP turret kit designed for Panda's 1/35 MATV

Set of 1 1/35 trailer cover

M813 hood conversion set

Set of 1/35 LMTV LTAS cab conversion

Greek M113 Protection Shield Cupola Set

* M2 Browning machine gun NOT included

Greek M113 Protection Shield Cupola Set  with M2 browning machine gun

M113G  Complete set 1/72 

Contains 20 3D printed parts

M113A1G  Upgrade Set 1, 1/35

radio-command vehicle

Set of 1 1/35 M1068 APU

Front light set (left and right) for M113A1G


1/35 M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) set

1/35 Cleared LAne Marking System (CLAMS)

Front stowage basket M113 German Bundeswehr 1/35

Open cupola for M113A1G  with MG3

set contains cupola - mount - MG3

Open cupola for M113 (suitable for M2 browning)

set contains (1 cupola)

Greek Army M1117 Guardian conversion set for Trumpeter kit.

MG3 /w Cradle Greek M1117 Guardian, 1/35