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Sailing Yacht (Type No2 - Sept.1964),  1/16

Scale: 1/18 - L.O.A.: 470mm - Height: 860mm

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CARGO SHIP 1938 BROCKLEY COMBE - 1/72  - Length 730mm

Brockley Combe was a British cargo ship which was built by Hill Charles & Sons in their Bristol Shipyard, in 1938. She was a typical example of a dry load cargo ship of the age and was 56.2m long. Her power came from a diesel engine.

Her career came to a sad end on 15th December 1953, when she broke up and sank after running aground south of Jersey, on the islands known as Minquiers.

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Traditional Greek Hulls Trechantiri , Scale 1/35 - Length 478mm

Trechantiri is one of the most loved, seaworthy and genuine Greek vessels.. Most of the Trechantiri built nowadays have a total length of 8-15 m.

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Traditional Greek Hulls Chaniotiki Gaita , Scale 1/24 - Length 335mm

At the beginning of the 20th century, in Chania Crete, boats which had special features were built and which had a total length of up to 10 metres. Some of these boats exist till this date. The fore and aft cutwater were straight, and there was a small wedge placed at the top part of the stern, onto which the rear ends of the railings were fixed, thus creating more usable space in the rear area of the deck.

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Traditional Greek Hulls Fishing Trechantiri , Scale 1/20 - Length 550mm

"Aretousa", is a model 55cm long. with keel and sections of birch plywood, cut with laser technology.

Contains linden wood for the first skin and beech wood for the second. The windows of the wheelhouse are made of 2mm thick plexiglass and their frames are made of 1mm thick birch plywood. The decks are also made of 1 mm birch plywood.

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This type of ship was used by Jason and the Argonauts during their campaign .These vessels had a crew of 30 to 50, had two side rudders at the stern and a simple auxiliary sail. According to illustrations on ancient vases, bow was round and raised and stern was the end of the keel. The length to width ratio is calculated at 1/6, which is why they belong to long ship type. 

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Limited edition wooden ship model for the anniversary of 200 years from Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

The kit is offered to a birch plywood box (55x35x11cm) with printed image on the sliding lid.

Each kit has engraved the unique serial number engraved.

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