List of products by brand Micro Cosmos

3D MicroCosmos is an aftermarket company from Greece offering a number of high-quality 3D printed weapon sets and vehicle accessories.

3D MicroCosmos, an aftermarket model company from Greece using 3D printing technology to produce weapon sets and vehicle accessories in various scales


FN MAG set (set contains 2 rifles with and without the bipod)


US Army MP48 antenna set - 3 types

(set contains 2 pieces of each type)


M113 base for cradle (M48, guntrack, M113 etc for Vietnam)

Set contains 2 pieces


Twin mount M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, 1/35

MG 42 Machine Gun, two options to select, with and without the bipod

Heckler & Koch 40mm grenade machine gun

(contains a full GMG and 2 ammo boxes)

Towing A-Frame for Leopard MBT, 1/35

(contains 2 versions (light and heavy frame))

WW2 0.50 CAL open Ammo boxes, 1/35

set contains 3 items

Modern 0.50 CAL open Ammo boxes, 1/35

set contains 3 items

Snorkel for Abrams M1, 1/35

set contains 1 item

Greek Army M1117 Guardian conversion set for Trumpeter kit.

20L Water Container (Greek service), 1/35

set contains 2 items

Rear Lights and Antennas Base for M1117 Guardian Ver I

set contains 2 items (left - right base)

MG3 /w Cradle Greek M1117 Guardian, 1/35

DSHK ammo box , 1/35

set contains 2 items

DSHK /w Base Set for Pick Up Truck, 1/35

set contains DSHK, Base and 2 ammo boxes

EF88 Austeyr rifle, 1/35

set contains 2 rifles + 2 scopes

M2 Browning .50 Cal /w extra barrel & ammo box, 1/16

set contains (M2 Browning .50 Caliber machine gun, extra barrel and extra ammo box)