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Grandmodels -  High quality model kits

Grand Models makes resin model kits, upgrade sets and accessories. in 1/72 scale their PZL  M18 Dromander is a best selling resin kit. From the upgrade sets in 1/32 you can find cockpit sets and martin baker sets for mirage 2000. There are also a wide range of different accessories as wheel sets, fuel tanks and weapons in 1/32 and 1/48

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SCALP EG air to ground missile

Set contains 1 missile for Mirage 2000  (for Kitty Hawk kit)

Raytheon T-6A/NTA Texan II - 1/72 Resin Model Kit

Limited edition kit - contains PE parts, decals for 6 nations.

1/32 scale  Matra R550 Magic II with LM2155 launcher 

Set contains two missiles and two LM2155 launchers

32nd scale Mica EM/IR with 2266 launcher, that is not contained in the KH Mirage 2000 kit. 

Set contains two missiles and two launchers

Resin set converts the Tamiya  F16CJ blk 50 kit to a Pratt and Whitney equipped blk52 variant.  

Heavy type nose landing gear wheel, NLG cover, landing lights, extended formation lights and UHF antennas are also included.

The "narrow" light type MLG wheels and non protruded MLG covers are also planned for a future release, in order to cover all earlier PW equipped blks (32,42).

1/72 Convair TF-102 DECALS

Combo 2 - 1/32 Martin Baker Mk.10Q For M2000 B/D/N (Crew Ready)

1/32 Martin Baker Mk10Q Seat For Mirage 2000, Loose Harnesses (1pc)

1/48 PGM-2000 missile (set of 2)

1/72 TF-102 Conversion For Meng Kit

1/32 GBU-16 Guided Bomb (Set Of 2)

1/32 AIM-2000 IRIS-T Missile (Set Of 2)

1/32 Throttle Sets For Interwar And WW2 Aircrafts

1/32 Mk83 Bomb (Set Of 2)

1/32 Mirage 2000-5F Cockpit set For Kittyhawk Kit

1/32 Generic Levers For Interwar And WW2 Aircrafts

1/32 Cockpit Trim Wheels for Interwar and WW2 Aircrafts

1/32 M2000C Cockpit set For Kittyhawk Kit