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I design highly detailed accessories and upgrade parts for military and other scale models.

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Set of 6 1/35 M1 helmets

Set of M1919A4 medium machine guns and tripods.

Set of AN/VIC-1 intercoms for up to 2 vehicles.

Set of 8 binos and 4 cases

Set of 24 M1910 canteens

Set of 6 1/35 Winchester M12 trench guns with M1917 bayonets

Set of 6 1/35 M12 trench guns

Set of 1 1/35 gun barrel for 105mm M1, M1IP, K1 tanks

Set of 6 1/35 M1897 trench shotguns with bayonets

Set of 1/35 Uzis with wood stock

Set of 6 1/35 Uzis

Set of 1/35 Walther P38 pistols

Set of 6 1/35 M1897 trench shotguns

Set of 1/35 Steilhandgranate Geballte Ladung

Set of 1/35 Stielhandgranate; german stick grenades

Set of 1/35 TS-13 and T-9 Handsets

Set of 4 1/35 SCR-300, SCR-536, and radio handsets

Set of 6 1/35 M3A1 Grease Guns