Privacy Policy

note: the below text is an automated translation of the Greek one.

3.1 hobbymarket.gr keeps a Personal Data Archive of its registered users in accordance with the requirements of law 2472/97, as amended and in force today. The data of the users that are kept in the Archive of hobbymarket.gr are exclusively those that you have stated during your registration or you have added during the configuration of your profile in hobbymarket.gr (name, e-mail, address, telephone, etc.). ).

3.2 The purpose of collecting your registration data is primarily to store it on a server for your identification and to give you access to the pages and services of the Website. The purpose of keeping the further information you provide, such as your address, is the effective provision of the service for which you registered, ie the shipment of the products you purchase through hobbymarket.gr. For the purpose of storage the data is transmitted to a server within Greece. Your consent to these Terms of Use also provides your explicit consent to the above observance and processing of your Personal Data.

3.3 You have the right to delete, correct, modify, update the data you have declared, and even to deactivate your registration, at any time, by updating your profile or by contacting info@hobbymarket.gr. At the same address you can contact us for any information or objections regarding the processing of your data.

3.4 Your email address will not be used to send spam. If you subscribe to the list of recipients of our newsletter for daily updates by e-mail, you will receive messages about the new services and products of hobbymarket.gr, in each of which you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the list of recipients (opt- out).

3.5 hobbymarket.gr undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and / or disclose the data of the users of hobbymarket.gr to any third party. Hobbymarket.gr may channel data of its users to third parties legal and / or natural persons only if it has the prior consent of the subject for the channeling of data and information concerning it or required due to compliance with the relevant provisions of law and competent authorities only. Especially your email address will not be transferred to third party recipients, unless you choose to receive special offers from our partners during your registration. In addition, the legal and natural persons that cooperate with hobbymarket.gr have the right to process the personal data that the users of hobbymarket.gr provide to it, only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary to provide technical or other support to hobbymarket .gr or to serve the requests of the users themselves and are bound by corresponding terms of compliance with the protection of this data..