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Model Filler 31ml Tube

A thin clear varnish that goes on clear and stays clear. Humbrol Clear drys to a low gloss finish, a higher gloss finish can be achieved by applying further thin coats.

Enamel paint from Humbrol. Humbrol has been the modellers standard for decades.

Humbrol Clear Satin - 125ml  AC7435 

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Hobby Cutter

Decalfix - fix those decals and transfers permanently and easily with Decalfix - it even helps mould the decal into cracks and crevices

Enamel Thinners 125ml

Κόλλα μοντελισμού από την Humbrol με βελόνα για περισσότερη ακρίβεια στην κόλληση.

Modeling glue from Humbrol with relatively slow drying time.

Υγρή Κόλλα Μοντελισμού Humbrol Με Πινέλο 12ml Liquid Poly


Διαλυτικό για ακρυλικά χρώματα στατικών μοντέλων.